Surrounded by lush vibrant tropical gardens with the ocean lapping on the white sandy beach, enjoy nature’s beauty and be absorbed in the peace and tranquility of this friendly country.

TALOFA - Welcome to Samoa. Samoa is considered the heart of Polynesia. It has a 3000 year-old way of life called Fa'a Samoa that underpins a memorable visitor experience. Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore. Blessed with stunning land and seascapes, and friendly people who are proud of their country,  From the rainforest covered rugged volcanic mountain peaks of Savai'i, to the vast valleys leading down to Upolu's coastline ringed with a necklace of white sandy beaches.  It’s the people, culture and nature that give life to these islands.

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Visit the Land of Moana - 8 days from $975 (land only)

Samoan Luxury - 8 days from $3895 (land only)

Interesting Facts about Samoa

  • The word tattoo is believed to have originated from the Samoan word tatau.

  • In Samoan culture, food is a social event that brings together family and friends to share what bountiful wonders nature has provided.  Delicacies on the Samoan menu include palusami (young taro leaves baked in coconut cream) and oka (raw fish in coconut cream).  Both of these dishes are must try dishes on any holiday.

  • Over 99% of Samoans profess some form of Christianity, and religious observance is strong among all groups.

  • In Samoa, it is acceptable for a family who has too many sons, to raise the youngest boy as a daughter. He is known as a fa’afafine and is given a girl’s name and wears feminine clothing… and is even allowed to use the ladies bathroom.

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