Looking for a unique, off the beaten track, African safari experience? It’s here in Namibia...

...and we can make it happen for you.

With just over two million people, Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated country on Earth. The landscape varies from vast expanses of desert and sand dunes to rock formations in the south, contrasting starkly to the savannah and woodlands of the central regions and the lush and forested scenery of the northeast. The Brandberg with t 8,400 feet in the south is Namibia's highest mountain, while the Fish River Canyon in the far south is the second largest canyon in the world.

Namibia is a melting pot of cultures and peoples, with 28 languages spoken; English being the national language. Namibia is a safe destination with a wide network of roads which are well maintained – with a wide variety of lodges to suite every budget.

The local currency is the Namibian Dollar, which is pegged to the South African Rand. The South African Rand is legal tender in Namibia which makes changing money prior to arrival much easier for visitors.

Namibia offers a diverse range of highlights; from the lush northern Caprivi Strip and the wildlife of Etosha National Park to the vast Namib Desert and the desolate Skeleton Coast, your Namibian safari will be an experience you won't find anywhere else in Africa.


Signature Namibia Safari - 11 days


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